Interactive Inflatables

Check out our line of interactive inflatables. Enjoy some inflatable games that test each individual’s skills, create a challenge, and stimulate their sense of competition. These interactive inflatables can be fun for all ages and a great crowd-pleaser at any event. Get everyone involved with our fun interactive games. We have has a huge selection of interactive games to choose from. You will not be disappointed in what we have to offer!

Bungee Basketball

bungee basketball inflatable game

Bungee Hoop Shot

bungee hoop shot inflatable

Patriotic Bungee Run

patriotic bungee inflatable

Leaps n Bounds People

leaps and bound inflatable for kids

Bungee Run

bungee run competitive game

Joust Arena

joust arena inflatable for kids

Leaps n Bounds

leaps and bound inflatable for kids small

Snow Globe

snow globe inflatable

Velcro Wall

velcro wall for children

Wrecking Ball

wrecking ball for children

Hungry Hippos

hungry hippo competitive game
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