Inflatable Slides

Towering over most other attractions, an inflatable slide is a great addition to excite and entertain children. Kids will love the addition of our Inflatable Slides to your Fun Fair, Event, Block Party, Birthday Party, etc. We have plenty of different sizes and colors for you to choose from. Our slides come in different shapes, sizes, and can have a different number of lanes to best fit your needs. You can choose from different themes to best suit you.

15ft Slide

15ft inflatable slide

16ft Patriotic Slide

Patriotic Single Lane Slide

20ft Dual Lane Slide

dual lane inflatable slide

22ft Screamer Slide

screamer inflatable slide

24ft Dual Lane Slide

dual lane inflatable slide

24ft Patriotic Slide

patriotic inflatable slide

Dual Lane Slide

dual lane inflatable slide

Pipe Rush

pipe rush inflatable slide

Vertical Rush

vertical rush inflatable slide
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