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Since 1968, Fun Services with The Original Holiday Gift Shop has provided schools and organizations with the gifts and tools for their students to shop in a safe and secure environment…your school. Fun Services provides all the gifts at 100% consignment, you only pay for what you sell! Being locally owned and operated right here in New Jersey, we are able to provide daily re-orders, delivered by 10am the following day by our own delivery staff( no UPS or Fed Ex).

NEW  FOR 2020! Barcode Scanner Cash Register App! No more programming cash registers or calculators. Using your phone or tablets camera scan the barcodes.  All pricing is customized for your shop and no wifi is needed to run the App once it is downloaded and activated.

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Send us your basic information like organizer contact and school information, Sale date, etc.  Choose your profit margin and early sign on bonus if applicable.

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Set Up

Everything you need to promote your shop will arrive 3-5 days before your sale. You will receive full color parent letters with envelopes and posters. You will also receive a detailed “How To” guide and comprehensive barcode scanning information.

Run Your Shop

Setup is easy with our itemized box lists. Bags and table clothes will be provided to you. All merchandise is price coded and our Cash Register App makes checkout quick and easy. We offer free next morning reorder delivery so you never run out of your best sellers.

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Enjoy Your Success

Completing your Holiday Shop and cleanup are made easy. Use our top of the line scanning for quick and easy inventory and invoicing. Fun Service employees will come to pick up all unsold merchandise.

Promotional Items, Decorations, & More

Fun Services will help you promote your Holiday Shop. Everything you need will arrive 3-5 days before the date of your Holiday Shop. Materials will include:

  • Holiday Shop posters to place around your school
  • Full color parent letters with envelopes
  • A detailed “How To” guide
  • 4 different sizes of shiny mylar gift bags
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