Brochure Fundraisers

If you need the best fundraising ideas and support for your organization or school to generate the most money… look no further!

Fun Services has been working with schools and groups for over 50 years and has developed a strong reputation as an experienced partner in maximizing sales. We know exactly how to take fundraising goals and turn them into a viable reality.

When you choose Fun Services as your partner, you don’t just get a fundraising program, you get our years of experience.  You can expect us to support your team through every step of the fundraising process with our exceptional customer service and organizational expertise.

Chocolate Indulgences

Chocolate Indulgences offers over two dozen different irresistible chocolate treats. This brochure fundraiser makes it easy to reach your goals through a wide variety of choices.

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Katydids are decadent chocolate-covered, caramel and pecan treats offered in a large can, that makes a simple and effective fundraising item, that’s easy to offer.

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David’s Cookies

Looking for something different in your school fundraiser. Try ready-to-bake cookies with flavors that you just have to try.

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